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Monday, April 19, 2010

Ladies, better to marry someone who is not RICH

I was listening to Class 95 radio station and the DJ was mentioning that a recent research has reported that it is better for ladies to go out with guys who are poorer because those who are richer always have issues with loyalty or fidelity.

From bazi point of view I do agree in a way.

When it comes to the bazi for man, wealth element represents his wife, girlfriend, father and literally his wealth.

Logically speaking from the mathematics of bazi, when his wealth increases, his number of woman will also increase. In ancient time, having a few wives was the social norm. In fact, it was a status thing. Only those wealthy ones can afford being polygamous. Hence, this was part of the thinking then behind the development of bazi. And I do, up to some extent, agree with the statement "All men are polygamous by nature." But, because of the law and societal pressure, we 'mankind' then become less adventurous. Nevertheless, sad to say, this does not prevent men to continue to stray.

It is very common to hear people saying once man has money, he will start to fling. If you know bazi, you probably cannot blame him too much. This is the DNA made-up of man - unless your man is able to "control the presence of strong wealth" from the bazi perspective per se.

I am not saying all men have money will fling. But there is a tendency. Whether he will act depends on his moral values and self discipline. You got to check his Resource and Officer star and perhaps the presence of other stars in his bazi. If you are into Shen Sha, then see if he has external Peach Blossom or Salt Pool. Most of the time, the person has relatively strong Indirect Wealth.

Sometimes, it could be just a passing stage when he goes through the wealth luck period. That is when that Mr Nice Guy husband of yours who has been so loyal to you and children for the past 10 years suddenly get caught holding hands with his young and demure secretary.

Anyway, unless you know how to read your boy friend's bazi, you just got to take the risk.....

When it comes, it comes..... it does not matter how sexy and good looking you are..... agree?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,

Love reasing your blog, btw. Please update it more often. :D

Haha..I agree that guys are inherently polygamous....We have to be like that because we wanna ensure our lineage have more chances to survive, and this is what life is all about..."Survive and create" by means of "bonding"

However, Peach blossoms also can be taken account too. I actually have seen rich guys who literally can't attract any girls to save their lives while I have also met a normal guy who has hard time to pay his rent able to attract "way too many" girls...

Any explanation to this phenomena?

I sincerely know it has to do with social skills.



Jo Ching said...

Hahaha thanks Yuuki. I will try to increase the frequency of my posting from now on to 2 or 3 per weeks.

Better dun let your partner hear this...:P

Yes, on the phenomena, maybe we can try to find out how did the rich guys become rich. They could be born with silver spoon; or work hard for it; or got it through speculative mode. I agree with you on the fact that there are guys who are rich but just do not have woman's luck. I got one friend who is really born into a rich family but when comes to girls, they just find him boring and a slight turn-off even though he is driving a luxurious car. He can socialise but just lack of the x-factor.

In this instance, his bazi main structure plays a role. You get someone who is Positive Shang Guan (Output) coupled with Indirect Wealth or Positive Friend Stars, the whole situation is different. This guy will have gift of the gap and can make the girls head over heels. It really boils down to how the stars permutate in the bazi.

For the poor guy who still has many girlfriends, you may like to check if his indirect wealth star is relatively strong. Usually, they also like to gamble.

Let me know ya....thanks

Anonymous said...

Hey Jo,

Looking forward for your awesome posts...:D.

I honestly think that the "X factor" that might be missing from your rich friend is the peach blossom and his bazi structure too.

Speaking of Bazi structure, how about a structure with a positive Shang Guan, The rooted Direct Wealth and not so positive Rob wealth stars? I am guessing women tend to flock to this person of using him for sex, lol.

My friend is not that poor although he always claimed that he is broke and always scab off 2 dollars from me to buy drinks and even take a bite of my dinner. but, the guy definitely know how to deal with women.

I don't know his birth hour but I suspect that his chart has the trinity combo that resulted into his wealth star and plus, he got one indirect wealth star protuding at the stem. The funny thing is he does not gamble. He occasionally organizes a poker night together for us, friends to hang out and socialize and we only play for 10 or 20 bucks. So, no, he does not gamble hard. Lol.

I have also heard that guys who get women, without looking at his wealth stars, there is also a so called external peach blossom where a peach blossom appears at the hour branch and I heard that it means the guy is highly promiscuous. :D

P.S. Partner? Nah, I am not married, life's too short to be bound by


Jo Ching said...

hi Yuuki

On the external PB star, it was mentioned in the blog content. And promiscuity depends on if the star is positive or negative. I have seen quite many bazi with external PB and they really got some sex appeal. For those that got negative ones, they are really wild! And I am talking about the ladies.

For your friend, i think his wealth star could be arbitrated on the stem by either a good resource star or even a negative output element. Hence, he is still quite controlled. His wealth star might have turned him into a bit of a miser based on what you have described. Anyway, we are just making assumptions on his bazi but great discussion ya.

Anonymous said...

So, in this case, women shouldn't marry a guy who is rich and a guy with external PB?

note, I am not trying to cause an instant paranoia among women who might read this and I just said it tongue in cheek.

Ladies are certainly wild with external PB well, I also met and known couple of girls who are "claimed conservative" and ending up being...The real Wild Sirens without knowing their charts.

Certainly, I agree that my friend is very much in control of himself.

Great discussions, indeed. :)

Jo Ching said...

Depend on what's the woman's threshold level for hubby's infidelity :)

Anyway, it is all pre-destined. The lady's bazi would have indication on the type of hubby that they will marry from the moment they are borne into this world.

They can choose to close one eye and just enjoy life as a Tai Tai because you can never change him. If not, ask for a divorce and get the money. Or, continue to love him even though you have to share with other ladies.

Life is about making choices. That's the human action part. I know is sad but at least there are still otpions ya...

Thanks Yuuki for your sharing and look forward having more comments from you.

Hmm, I hope the girls will not move away from you cos' you can actually "see through" them. :)

Anyway, I am sure we do not use bazi for such "cheeky" purpose. We do it really to help our clients to improve their quality of life... cheers!!

Beanie said...

Hi Jo,
Another really thought-provoking and interesting article.
I think generally this is very true. Most people with wealth do have more than one wife, have mistress or more than one partner.
The fact that the element of wealth and woman is represented by the same element in a man's chart says it all.
I guess we men cannot be blamed for it. its destiny.. hahah.. just kidding!
Thanks Jo again.

Jo Ching said...

Beanie thanks for your comments.

This is not a good excuse to commit adultery haha.

Hmm, wondering if any ladies can give their point of views?

Daniella said...

Hi Jo,

What if the person is not rich in the beginning, but later on become wealthy? then how?

I notice some people do not have a special structure or any wealth elements in their charts, but they do have useful gods which they use and with hardwork they achieve substantial wealth in their mid 40s etc, hence how?

Sometimes bazi shows that their are not rich but always HAve this "IF" he works hard, he can achieve some wealth in his lifetime during favorable luck pillars. So that leaves to alot of "What Ifs"...

What say you Jo ?



Jo Ching said...

hi Daniella

Rich includes those either born to wealthy family or became rich later. That is why u encounter cases where a man becomes rich and ditches the wife for another woman.

Michael Jackson did not have wealth element. But he had solid useful god and when he went through good luck cycle, he became multi millionaire and King of Pop. On this, you may like to check out my posting on "What is in your bazi to be rich".

If you are familiar with 10 Gods, working hard is part of the positive attributes of Wealth element. If you are not born to be rich, you should really work hard for it to get a better life. Most of us belong to this category.