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Vedic Astrology Course from 7 to 11 Nov 2014
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Peach Blossom - The Flower of Romance

70% of my clients are ladies. I think it has got to do with the peach blossom stars in my bazi.

Out of the 70%, almost everyone asked about their peach blossom luck. When they will meet their Mr Right? Rich or not? Love me or not? Handsome or not?

I can tell you that it is very challenging to answer the questions. Not because I do not know how to read those things in the bazi chart, but very often, I need to know how to package my answer so that I will not disappoint them - should the answer comes out to be not-so-optimistic.

I have alot of repeat lady customers asking me out for dinner whenever they meet someone or have a new boyfriend. They will try to bring the birth data so that I can analyse their potential soul mate. Sometimes, when I read the boyfriend chart, I will tell them that this is unlikely to be the man of your life.

How do I tell? Very simple. From the moment you came to this world, heaven has at the same time assigned the type of husband(s) that you are going to marry. The info has all been written in the lady's chart. I just need to compare it with her current boyfriend's chart to see if they match. If they don't, I will have recurring consult fee again.

For those lady customers that are not attached, I am often requested to undertake the sacred role of Cupid. I do not shoot arrows. But I am paid to activate the romance sector of their house so that they can quickly find a good guy to marry off.

[Warning: The activation requires a matching of the lady's bazi. So, please do not activate any corner of your house without the guidance of a feng shui master. You may create havoc in the house if you accidentally trigger your dad's romance luck instead - even though he is 68.]

Before I embark on this very noble job (I think it is noble because I am helping the government to up the pro-creation rate) I always tell my clients that I can only help them create an opportunity (eg, one of them was approached by a guy, i think first time in her life, during her trip to the hair salon). But, I cannot guarantee the quality of the guy that is soon going to enter their life.

Anyway, ladies, don't grumble and complain about your husband if he does not turn out to be your dream guy. You can only blame yourself or maybe your Gynae for bringing you to this world at the wrong hour.

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